Wisdom of Sponsorship

Introduction to Wisdom of Sponsorship

Sponsoring in SAA has a long history starting with the first meeting. Over time, many different traditions have developed to handle the diverse needs of our fellowship.

In this small book, we have gathered some of our experiences with sponsoring. This is not an exhaustive compilation nor does it contain explicit directions on how to sponsor. We expect that you will run into situations not covered here. We look to you to write up the lessons you learn in those situations and add to this collection.

These experiences are pulled from SAA newsletter articles. Where the content is pulled from is marked in most cases.

Yes, there are more needed.

The variety of tradition in SAA is part of the strength of our fellowship. In that variety, we offer hope to many different people and the hope that if a new situation is encountered, a new tradition can be developed by those who find a way that works for them.

Please read these experiences in the light of "take what you like and leave the rest."

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Missing Articles:

If you want to help, please write an article on one of the missing sections and submit it to the Outer Circle for publication. Send the article to info@saa-recovery.org along with a signed release.

Wisdom of Sponsorship

A Starting Up
A.1. Why should I be a sponsor?
A.2. When to start sponsoring?
A.3. How do I go about becoming a sponsor?
A.4. Starting to be a Sponsor
A.4.1 Initial parts of Sponsoring
A.4.2 Initial Sponsoring
A.5. Helping Sponsees with their Three Circles

B. Working the steps with the sponsee
B.0. The multiple ways that SAA has to sponsor people and how Tradition One helps us offer more options to the addict (missing)
B.1. Taking someone through their First Step
B.1.1 First Step - Costs
B.1.2 First Step - Unmanageability
B.2. Working Step 2
B.3. Working Step 3
B.4 Working Step 4
B.4.1 Getting Started on Step 4
B.4.2 When to back up a step
B.5. Hearing their Fifth Step (missing)
B.6. Working Step Six
B.7. Working Step Seven (missing)
B.8. Working Step Eight
B.9. Working Step Nine (missing)
B.10. Working Step Ten (missing)
B.11. Working Step Eleven (missing)
B.12. Working Step Twelve
B.12.1 Sponsoring as they sponsor
B.12.2. Service Work

C. Special Issues
C.1. Firing a Sponsee (missing)
C.2. Other addictions, medical, and mental health issues (Knowing our limits) (missing)
C.3. Threats, legal issues, money, and restrictions
C.3.1 10 Rules for Confronting a Sponsee
C.4. Sponsoring people in Prison (missing)
C.5. Remote sponsoring (missing)
C.6. Sponsoring between sexes and sexual orientation
C.6.1 Male Sexual Orientation
C.6.2 One woman's experience
C.7. When a sponsor acts out
C.8. Sponsorship Contract
C.9. Sponsee's and Relationships

D. Other Gems of Wisdom
D.1 Helping Sponsees Recognize Their Half Measures
D.2 Recovery New Year Resolutions
D.3 Letting Go of Old Ideas
D.4 Another view of First Step
D.5 Helping A Sponsee Get S - T - A - R - T - E - D
D.6 Helping Sponsees Use the Telephone.
D.7 Sponsoring Around the Defenses
D.8 Affirmations
D.9 My Experiences with Sponsorship
D.10 Reality

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