Step Study

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Plano Step Study Worksheets

The worksheets that duplicate ideas in the Green Book Step Study are omitted. The worksheets can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Step 1
1A. 1A - Three Circles
1C. 1C - Shame
1E. 1E - Lies
1F. 1F - Sex Plan
1G. 1G - Honesty
1H. 1H - Family
1I. 1I - Failure of other methods
1J. 1J - Facing Triggers
1K. 1K - Sliding Back to the Addiction
1L. 1L - Crazy Thinking
1M. 1M - My story of consequences
1N. 1N - Self Destruction
Step 2
2A 2A - Believe
2B 2B - Past experiences with Religion
2C 2C - Non Religious Spirituality
2D 2D - Insanity
2E 2E - Asking for Help
2F 2F - Getting a Sponsor
2G 2G - The addiction cycle
2H 2H - Living the prior step
2J 2J - Relationships with Power
2K 2K - Competing Beliefs
2L 2L - Willingness to be WIlling
2M 2M - Who is working this step?
Step 3
3A Decide
3B to Turn
3C our Will
3D Over to the Care
3E of God
3F Sponsor
3G Motivation Changes
3H Changing how we handle Insanity
3I Handling Self Esteem in 12 Step
3J What does it mean to live Step 3
3K Healthy Sexuality
3L Dealing with Others
3M 3M - Fighting the Addiction

In Step Four in SAA, there are two major traditions of how to work the step. In our experience, those who started their addiction in their teens or later benefit from working Step Four using the traditional AA style. Those who have childhood abuse issues often benefit from working Step Four using the other set of worksheets.

Step 4
4. Traditional "AA Style" Step 4 Worksheet
4A. 4A - First impressions of what this step means
4B. 4B - What does it mean to do a "moral" inventory?
4C. 4C - How to do an inventory?
4D. 4D - Or of our "selves"?
4E. 4E - Inproper reaction to loss and disconnected from self?
4F. 4F - Our reactions to loneliness and abandonment
4G. 4G - Our reaction to neglect
4H. 4H - How shame has cause problems in our lives
4I. 4I - Misuse of anger and its consequences
4J. 4J - Improper reactions to hurt
4K. 4K - Misdirecting hungers
4L. 4L - How fear has kept us from doing the right things
4M. 4M - The impact of all this on our spiritual life
Step 5
5A. 5A - Admitting
5B. 5B - the exact nature
5C. 5C - Resentment List
5D. 5D - Admitting to My Self
5E. 5E - Admitting to the losses
5F. 5F - Our reactions to loneliness and abandonment
5G. 5G - Our reaction to neglect
5H. 5H - How shame has cause problems in our lives
5I. 5I - Misuse of anger and its consequences
5J. 5J - Improper reactions to hurt
5K. 5K - Misdirected hungers
5L. 5L - How fear has kept us from doing the right things
5M. 5M - when to do a 5th step
5N. 5N - acceptance
Step 6
6A. 6A - Looking at bad habits vs. Character Defects
6B. 6B - What defects do we have?
6C. 6C - Pride
6D. 6D - Greed
6E. 6E - Self Righteousness
6F. 6F - Selfishness Disorder
6G. 6G - Sloth
6H. 6H - Instinctual Reactions
6I. 6I - Expectations
6J. 6J - Buttons that people push
6K. 6K - Attributes in Balance
6L. 6L - Our willingness to move forward in the steps
6M. 6M - How we reacted to issues in our childhood
6N. 6N - Rage
6O. 6O - Power - having it or not having it and wanting it
6P. 6P - Gluttony
Step 7
7A. 7A - Humbly
7B. 7B - Asking
7C. 7C - Remove our Shortcomings
7D. 7D - Pride
7E. 7E - Greed
7F. 7F - Self Righteousness
7G. 7G - Rage
7H. 7H - Selfishness Disorder
7I. 7I - Sloth
7J. 7J - Gluttony
7K. 7K - Power
Step 8
8A. 8A - Made a list
8B. 8B - Putting ourselves on the list
8C. 8C - List of harms
8D. 8D - Planning the amends
8E. 8E - Reactions we expect to our amends
8F. 8F - Letting go of our expectations
8G. 8G - Amends to others
Step 9
9A. 9A - Making Amends
Step 10
10A. 10A - Continued to take inventory
10B. 10B - When we were wrong
10B. 10C - Promptly admitted it
Step 11
11A. 11A - Sought
11B. 11B - Through Prayer
11C. 11C - and Meditation
11D. 11D - To Improve our Conscious Contact with God as we understood God
11E. 11E - Praying only for the Knowledge of God's will for us
11F. 11F - And the power to carry it out

Step 12
11A. 12A - Having had a Spiritual Awakening
11B. 12B - As a result of these Steps
11C. 12C - We tried to carry this message to other sex addicts
11D. 12D - and to practice
11E. 12E - these principles in all our activities

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